The best user experience in the meeting room

Easy to use

The most intuitive user interface on the market

It is a service interface, not a simple remote control of the codec:

Operate the entire service with your fingertips!

Compatible with a wide variety of room accessories and functionalities from your favorite manufacturer. Add a Room Display, presence sensor, and peripheral automation to further enhance the usability of your room.

Easy to adopt

The same user experience in every room

Regardless of the codec brand, its model or SW version.

Remove all remotes from the room.

Don't spend on automation system costs.

The same behavior in every situation

Customizable workflows:
Technology finally adapts to your business!

Call point to point or multipoint are concepts of the past. Now a meeting is a meeting, with all the functionality available when you need it.

The service adapts to the way you work. VIP rooms or meetings? Connect all rooms automatically in advance and without delay? Manage meeting extensions or detect "no show" canceling the reservation? We configure UNICO according to your processes.


Now you can really focus on your meetings!

Control your room

  • Multipoint layout

  • PiP

  • Zone-based camera control

  • Send / stop presentation

  • Mute and volume control

In the age of the smartphone, executives are used to self-service , anytime and immediately , without having to call a help desk operator or require an IT technician at the door.

Manage your meetings

  • Invite rooms and people

  • Join a meeting in progress

  • Extend your meeting

  • End participation in the conference

  • Release the room and finish your reservation

Protected meetings

Security and confidentiality of conferences are key concerns of executives

But so is not being disturbed while in a meeting:

We include essential enhancements such as Dynamic VMR (UNICO creates a unique and dedicated virtual room for each meeting), and random passwords. Don't worry about changing your password anymore, UNICO takes care of that! Also check in real time the list of users connected from your RoMA or lock your meeting when necessary. And with a hybrid topology, all internal meeting video streams stay within your network.

No more being interrupted by an unexpected incoming call - instead you will receive a persistent invitation at your RoMA. Accept it to join the conference at any time. Or you can join any ongoing conference from any available room if you know the confidentiality PIN.

Mission critical design

Reliability is key to user adoption

Our call and meeting management platform was designed to ensure your availability. The RoMA service interface is a dedicated device, remotely monitored and managed by our VNOC. Automated launches following our proven DE.CO.LA.R process (Conflict Detection, Automatic Launch, Troubleshooting) or the automatic reconnection functionality are examples of how UNICO prevents and solves the vast majority of common problems. Exclusive QoS monitoring tools and unique reports help your IT area to keep your network compliant with the high quality requirements for your conferences. Not to mention the great value of user satisfaction measurements from each room!

No more conflict

Prevent conflict situations in your rooms

  • between scheduled and unscheduled meetings

  • when using the room for a local meeting or for collaborative meeting

  • between users

Most companies require scheduling meetings to ensure coordination of people and resources. But users also want it to be possible to easily start a meeting instantly in a room that is available. Rooms equipped with video conferencing are often used for local meetings, generating potential conflicts and inconveniences with video conferencing. Do you need to extend meetings with multiple connected rooms? Or use the room as soon as a meeting is canceled or ended early? UNICO is the only service that provides flexibility and autonomy for users and at the same time prevents conflicts, ensuring user satisfaction in any situation.

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