allows you to configure integrations with various external platforms, ensuring an optimal user experience

Calendar with MS Exchange

With Outlook plug-in

Thanks to the Unico plug-in for Outlook, the user can schedule UNICO meetings in a simple way natively from Outlook

while Unico is in charge of synchronizing the agendas, generating and informing the access methods that the participants will be able to use

Similar to other solutions on the market

Without plug-in

For more demanding organizations, ´UNICO allows you to create a plug-in-free integration

It avoids the IT area having to support another component on all users' computers

Thanks to a unique bi-directional synchronization technology with MS Exchange (on Premise or Cloud)

Directory with Active Directory

To enable Single Sign On (SSO) in the reservation and management web portal, avoiding users having to manage another account.

SIP trunk with your PABX

It allows users to participate in any UNICO meeting using the existing infrastructure of their PABX, in two ways:


calling a trunk number of your PABX from any telephone (Direct inward Dialing)

calling an internal number from any annex

Skype for Business

Native integration with Skype for Business ™ / On365 ™, allows SfB users to dial into any UNICO meeting for an exceptional user experience

MS Teams

Participate easily in any Teams meeting from your UNICO room

maintaining user experience

Higher quality, reliability and security than any other solution, thanks to the benefits of UNICO

and compatibility with other platforms (Zoom, Webex, Bluejeans ...)

Other video conferencing services with B2B

Connect your UNICO meetings to any business partner meeting *

Maintaining user experience

Easier, more reliable, more secure ...

* as long as it supports SIP connections

Register your frequent meetings in the RoMA, manage from which room you can connect thanks to UNICO's B2B

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