Smart meeting rooms

To improve the user experience, UNICO's smart room service is the best option.

  • Scheduling

  • Self-Service

  • Automation

  • Make the space more profitable

  • Greater availability of rooms

  • Eliminate room usage conflicts

  • Most satisfied users

Smart rooms are automatically managed by UNICO's AI, and their calendars are permanently synchronized with your Office365 / Exchange / Outlook.

Intelligence outside the room:

  • View the present and future availability of the room from the hallway

  • Check-in for a scheduled meeting

  • Occupy a room without prior reservation

  • Release the room automatically (No-Show)

  • Keep usage synchronized with the corporate calendar of the rooms

  • Mission critical hardware to ensure service uptime

Intelligence inside the room:

  • Meeting management without leaving the room

  • Room operation with or without videoconference

  • All functions at your fingertips

  • Mission critical touch interface

The best user experience in the use of video conferencing in your rooms!


  • When the meeting starts, the TVs, projectors, etc. are automatically turned on.

  • They turn off when finished

  • Easier for users

  • Avoid the need for IT staff in each room: peripherals are remotely operable

  • No more remotes in the room

  • No more battery waste polluting the environment

  • Same interface for use in all rooms, regardless of TV brands and models

The ultimate experience with

  • Combine intelligence outside and inside the rooms

  • Even smarter in video conferencing rooms

  • The same interface in all rooms, reduces the learning curve

  • Automate all peripherals

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