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Our cloud service designed to help companies better communicate with their customers by video

" Zoom, MS Teams or Webex are good alternatives for the internal collaboration of my work teams. But they do not solve the communication with my clients satisfactorily "

Main drawbacks of other solutions:

Force the customer to install another program

Interaction happens outside of my systems and processes

Having to implement and operate a complex platform


promote another brand with your customers


not able to customize
the tool


and more limitations ...

The benefits of U2C

You only need browser

100% Cloud

The simplest interface for the client

Operator controls all customer interaction and interface

Only with your own brand

"Fast Track" option to start using in minutes, including scheduling

Easy integration via API into your own portal / CRM

Flexible and scalable business model

Adapts to the reality of your customers


Preschool education

colleges and universities

Customer support

Professional training

Congress and seminars

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