the Unico video library

Integrated video on demand (VoD) service

record or
upload content





  • Easy to use

  • Self-service for users

  • centralized platform, with distributed operation,

  • Flexible to meet multiple needs

  • Fully integrated into Unico

record or upload content

Any Unico meeting can be automatically recorded and uploaded to Cube

with audio, video and content

Or users can upload any video content (MP4, WMF)

transform any meeting room into a recording studio

or create your video from your computer, tablet or smartphone easily

Add subtitles (closed caption) to any video


The videos are stored on our cloud servers, or on your own CUBE on-premise server

the videos can be
eliminated only by their owners

the videos can be
eliminated only by their owners





for each video, define title, description and tags

the owner is registered at the time of creation

the other properties are assigned via the channels

three types of users:
Admin, Viewers, Channel managers

users must be registered in Unico / Booking center

directly or via ADFS

to manage the viewing permissions of the videos

Admin creates the channels and defines their managers

three types of channels:

public, organizational, closed

Workflow to publish

(owner goes up, manager authorizes)

by the channel manager

one channel manager per channel

a user can request membership to a channel manager via the channel portal

content can be uploaded to multiple channels

Channel manager authorizes memberships

to distribute

users (viewers) can share content to which they have access with other users

view from any browser

multi-criteria video search

via on-premise server or CDN (youtube, etc.)



copying url (whatsapp, etc.)

invited users will be able to access the contents based on their specific privileges

full screen or PiP

advance control

volume control

speed control

to find any video

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